RGR Listener and Occasional Show Contributor Nurmix Sends News Submission!

Dateline March 14, 2013.

Just a short time ago, RGR listener and infrequent show contributor, Nurmix (rumored favorite listener of RGR co-host UK Mike) submitted a news story called "The Glitch" to Retrogaming Roundup News!  The amusing and highly relevant news story, while not news in the slightest sense, was sent without a great deal of planning or difficulty.  Nurmix apparently decided to submit the story after sitting down at his computer and performing a video game search on Google.

When asked for comment, Nurmix had this to say... "
I sat down at my computer to do some work, but then I decided I don't like work, and did a Google search for video games instead".  He went on to add... "With a bit of typing and a few mouse clicks, I successfully loaded a YouTube video that I found to be both amusing and relevant to the show".

As luck would have it, Nurmix had the foresight to have a video camera running the entire time, capturing everything up to and including the actual news submission!  He commented... "
I just happened to set the camera up on a tripod, and position it in such a way that not only would I be in the shot, but that a sizable portion of my desk and home studio / office, as well as my computer, would be too.  You couldn't have planned something like this".

He only viewed "The Glitch" for a short time before deciding to submit it to RGR News (as shown in the video above).  Astonishingly, he didn't actually watch the entire video before submitting the story, basing his decision to send it solely on the first few seconds of the clip.  When asked about this seemingly hasty decision, Nurmix replied... "
I've submitted things to RGR news more times than I care to remember.  Sure, not as much as a Retroshaun, an Indieseoul, or even a Petteri Rinne, but I'm no noob.  And I think I have a pretty good idea of what the guys like.  I imagine SoCal Mike will respond with a 'really cool!', UK Mike will make some derogatory comment about the quality of my news submissions, and Scott will chuckle, say 'umm' a couple times, chuckle again, then tell a long winded tale of something or another, until SoCal interrupts him, at which point UK will move onto the next news submission - probably from Retroshaun.  That guy really is a news whore".

After submitting "The Glitch", Nurmix went back to his computer to compose this story about the story behind the news submission, to edit the video in preparation of uploading it to his less than impressive YouTube channel, to build a webpage on NotAtari.com to host said story, and, once completed, to send the news story of the news submission to RGR News.

When confronted about the work Nurmix was supposed to be doing while wasting time on all of this nonsense, he said... "
It's my day, I'll spend it as I see fit.  If I choose to not work for the next hour or two, so be it.  And hey!  Who the F are you anyway... and how did you get into my f-ing house!? And why are you asking me these questions like you're some kind of roving reporter and I'm the subject of some interview!? More importatnly, why am I answering these quetions in the first place?! YOU need to leave, and I need a BEER!"

After being unceremoniously removed from Nurmix's house, I asked a neighbor if she'd heard about the recent RGR news submission, and followup submission and story. She threatened to call the police and moved rapidly toward her front door.  Further down the street, a woman walking her dog stopped, looked in my direction, then headed back the way she came.  I got in my car and left.

- Story coverage and interview by Anna Bortion